We talk about how everything is fast-paced today. Food, communication, business, even love. And yet, there is a void our 24/7 plugged-in society is experiencing. First of all, there is a lack – nothing is enough. From not enough sleep to not enough time to the bane of our existences, not enough money. And increasingly, not enough connections. We may boast of 1000+ friends on facebook and even more followers on Twitter, and yet we feel lonely.  We feel as if there’s nobody who really listens to us anymore.

I’m not saying electronic ‘lightning-fast’ communication is bad. I’m saying this on a blog, for goodness’ sake! It has immense potential, which all of us are not only aware off but make use of on a daily basis. But in my life, for my relationships to be more meaningful, I felt the need to start conversations beyond computers, the Internet and SMSing. Conversations that are heart-to-heart, bilateral, and REAL. That is the basic premise of the Slow Communication Movement. Communication that is slow, thoughtful, creative, personalized, requiring patience, and ultimately everlasting.

The Prem Patra Project is a small effort in this direction, to encourage people – young and old – to experience the joy of letter-writing and receiving.  Have you ever felt like there’s something you want to share with someone that is beyond the limitations of 160 characters (or less), and something for which you haven’t found the right medium for? I would say, try a letter.

Another quest of this blog is to collect stories – of letters! Everybody (or at least, everybody’s grandparents) has stories about letters. They chronicle our life, especially life before facebook’s newly-introduced timeline, they are remembrances of old loves lost, heartbreaks, and they are anchors to the fading memories of the good times gone by. Through this blog, I want to re-collect these stories-told-through-letters, and harnessing the potential and reach of electronic media, make them available to others, so that they too, are inspired to write their own stories!

So if anyone has any interesting tale and letters to share, let me know! I’ll put it up on this blog. You never know, it might change someone’s life, just by being heard, being read.




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