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Lots of Prem after the Party!


Busy writing their patras with prem!

So, on my birthday, the 12th of January, I finally officially launched my little Prem-Patra Project! An intimate gathering was organised at a nearby park for letter-lovers and curious first-timers…  Went off really well! THANK-YOU all who came and wrote letters, and to those who couldn’t make it but were present in spirit. Also, huge thanks to people who organised other, similar Prem-Patra Parties… in trains, in cafes and other places! Do write (a letter!) to me sharing tid-bits from your parties…

A beautiful thing about the PPP on the twelfth was the diversity in the group of letter-writers – From 80 year olds to 5 year olds were busy with their pens and papers. There were people who’d NEVER written a letter before! As one of them shared, “Letter-writing used to be compulsory in school and that was the only time I tried my hand at this, but I would always confused the ‘To’ and ‘From’, and lose marks in exams! So after that I never wrote…” And there were people with a treasure-trove full of not only letters but also funny, poignant, sorrowful, interesting stories connected with them!

The youngest contributors

After a bit of letter-writing, we held a short but intimate dialogue about the significance of letters and/or postal communication in our lives. Some people shared their experiences of a time when letters were the only mode of keeping in touch, while newcomers spoke about their feelings while and after writing their first-ever letter!

The postcards and inlands have been posted and must be cruising along their way to reach and deliver some love to their recipients! In the mean time, here’s another big, heartfelt thank you to all those who came, wrote, and posted. I hope you had an equally meaningful time as I did, and are excited about doing it again.

More letters needs to be written, more love needs to be spread in the world! Let’s make it happen… Keep organising more such parties and get-togethers, and discuss and discover the joys of writing and receiving letters! And do keep in touch, the real way! 🙂

With prem,

Sharing stories!


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I hope that through this blog, and through letters, we will find a connection that bridges vast distances in space and time, and the little distances in our hearts.


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